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12:06am 03-08-2014
Sean Jackson
The site looks great Bruhz!!! My niece Briona graduated from Mason last year. Make sure y'all road trip to Frostburg State.
2nd D. We have good young Bruhz on the yard also doing great things. Link up!! Roo!!! 2 BK SPR 95
11:33am 02-18-2013
Bill Burney
best regards to my LB Richard Morris aka EZ
from Bill Burney (and the Dogs)

Double Half Dozen
Gamma - 1970
2:16pm 06-24-2011
Bro. Foote
Greetings from the mighty mu rho chapter spr. 2010! Roo to da bruhs!
3:22pm 03-10-2011
9:49pm 06-04-2010
Bro. Reynolds
Greeting Bruhs from Delta Gamma "The Hammer Chapter" Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, NC. Great looking site. Will be on your yard Sat June 5, 2010. My contact info: 910-273-6953 Roo...
12:54pm 03-25-2010
Kevin Joy
Greeting from Mu Gamma Gamma Fall 2009....2nd District New Jersey
4:30pm 12-03-2009
Atrakcje turystyczne w pieninach
1:16am 11-13-2009
Bro. Olando Speas
Roo,to the Bruhs nice site
5:58am 03-17-2009
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3:48pm 04-09-2008
12:12am 03-19-2008
good work
5:30am 03-13-2008
bassam hbeichi
nice site to visit
6:55am 01-01-2008
Max Milien
Bruhs are looking good. You guys have done good work since crossing the Sands. I have bumped into Bru's in my travels and they speak in high regards of the HDD Chapter. My New Years greetings to all the HDD Bruh's. Keep up the good work. ROOO!!

Hollywood 1-HDD-87
11:00am 12-11-2007
Deonn Henderson
I am extremely proud of all of you! I can not express with enough passion the peace and happiness I am filled with to see the love you all show for our beloved fraternity. To know the time, sacrifice and effort it takes to be a good bruh as well as make one is something we can all share now. Your work ethic and commitment to being part of the 8 vs 80 makes me internally smile and appreciate the time and experiences we have had together even more. I love all of you!
Que Psi Phi Till The Day We Die!

Handy Man a.k.a Rick James...
11:08pm 12-06-2007
Bro. Scott Watson
Great job, Bruhs!
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